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Bookmakers, approved on the market and preferred by the bettors. Suitable for both novices and advanced players. They all have a rich sports program, multiple payment methods, fast and competent support.

Betting Exchanges

These are platforms where you bet against other players and no bookmaker is involved. You can accept other player's offers or make your own and define odds that are profitable for you. The exchanges collect commission from your profit and the percentage may vary from 1.5% to 6.5%.
This is the oldest exchange betting platform founded in 2000. The commission rate starts at 5% or 6.5%, depending on the player’s country of origin and decreases progressively related to the player’s activity. Opening one account, you have access both to the exchange and the bookmaker.
The commission rate is 1.5% if you accept the other player’s offer and 0.75% when you are the one creating the offer.
If you are not familiar with the exchanges, >> click here << and find out how they work with our illustrated example.

For High Rollers

If you operate with large amounts of money, you will need bookmakers that are able to meet your needs and whose reputation is impeccable.

US Friendly

If you are a resident of the USA, you need a bookmaker who can accept you with understanding and will serve your bets with the required confidentiality.

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