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These Terms and conditions regulate the use of the website “Allfortips” and all the products and services related to it. You shall accept and agree with the following Terms and conditions in order to completely use the website and these products and services.  If the content of these Terms and conditions vary in the different language versions, the English one would be considered the authoritative one.
As we promote gambling websites and display gambling content, you need to be 18 years or older in order to use Allfortips and access any content on the website.

  1. Provided services/products

    All provided services and products on “Allfortips” are completely free. Their use is in no way bound up with any subsequent actions of the users. We do not offer any form of gambling, we do not accept any bets and we do not pay out winnings. We put no conditions and we do not encourage any gambling activity.

    1. Acceptance and processing of sports tips

      “Allfortips” accepts, processes and records sport tips made by the users of the website. The access to the settled tips is free and they are visible to all the users of the website, including those who are not registered. Tips that are still pending can be by choice visible or hidden. To each visible tip the user can write a short analysis and justification in one of the eligible languages. The featured text should be in accordance with our anti-spam policy.

      All odds, by which we accept tips, are obtained by world’s leading bookmakers. Every change in the providing bookmaker’s odds leads to a corresponding update in real-time in our system as well.

      We welcome professional tipsters and services and we offer them amenities so that they can create their own verified history. It is admissible for the tipsters to promote their projects and gather users for their services using the content of their profiles in “Allfortips”. All the payments between the professional tipsters and their customers should take place somewhere else. We will not mediate in their financial or any other relationships and we cannot take responsibility if any conflict arises.

      All the tips are being automatically settled by our system based on the result of the event and our rules for the different sports. Also a double check of the result is automatically performed to guarantee a correct settlement. If, however, there are any doubts of a tip settled wrongly, the matter should be brought to our Support Team for additional check. Claims of wrongly settled tips are considered if they are submitted not later than fourteen days from the date of the sport event.

    2. Information support

      Varied sports and technical information is being offered for the needs of placing tips. We receive this information from external sources (third parties) and cannot check its reliability and accuracy. Most of this information is available to unregistered users, as well.

      Applications and services provided by third parties may be periodically unavailable. They may also be offered on a limited basis or may vary depending on your region or your device. If you change your profile location you may need to re-acquire the materials and applications that were available to you in your previous region.

    3. Communication between the users

      We provide to our registered users a system for internal communication. Its intended use is to discuss matters related to our website’s content and placing tips. Any other use of the communication system or any violation of our anti-spam policy may lead to some restrictions.

    4. Guarantee of fair play

      All the users of the website “Allfortips”, be they beginners or professional tipsters, are equal to these Terms and conditions. Their tips and any other activity are to be treated in the same manner by the algorithms of our system.

      We make every effort to guarantee our users a fair play. In order to limit the impact of casual factors on our users’ success rate, we are taking the following actions:

      • We limit the minimum and the maximum odds for the tips accepted;
      • All tips have equal value of one unit;
      • You can make only one tip on each market;
      • For the needs of ongoing competitions, the acceptance of tips could be restricted additionally ;
      • For statistical analysis of the tips we adhere to the principle of “sufficiently large number of attempts”;
      • We are striving to provide equal conditions to all our users and comparability of their results. This is why we do not offer for tipping sports with low popularity as well as local sport leagues that would give advantage to a limited number of users.
  2. An account on “Allfortips”

    You need to create an account in order to have a full access to all the products and services that we offer on our website.

    1. Creating an account

      You can create an account online at www.allfortips.com by filling in a registration form. You agree not to use any information that is false, inaccurate or misleading when registering on our website as well as in any subsequent update of your data.

      It is admissible to create only one account for each email or unique IP address. If you create an “Allfortips” account on the behalf of a legal entity, e.g. your company or your employer, you declare the fact that you have legal rights to present this legal entity.

    2. Use of the account

      The account is intended only to access and use the services and products offered on the website “Allfortips”.  Any other form of use of the account is unacceptable and restrictions would be enforced in case such use is identified.

      You should maintain your account active by regularly logging in and using some of the services/products provided. If your account continues to be inactive for a long period of time our system will automatically restrain the display of your history and your personal account’s content.

    3. Closing an account

      In order to guarantee objectivity and fairness of our statistics’ “verification” we do not provide the opportunity of closing an account and deleting its history.  Even if you no longer need your account, you cannot close it at your own discretion.

      This could only happen in official way when it has been long enough since your last activity and your history is no longer up-to-date according to our system’s algorithms.

  3. Copyrights

    All the materials published on the website www.allfortips.com are the exclusive property of Flutter Logistics Ltd. or other people. Their placement should be with the explicit consent and in compliance with these people’s copyrights. You have no right to copy, modify or use in any other commercial way the content of this website. As a user, you have a full access to all the materials, but only for personal use.

  4. Code of practices and conduct

    1. Restrictions on content

      The users are not allowed in their profiles, names, comments, personal correspondence, or any other form of creating a content, to:

      • Impersonate other users of the website by copying their name, avatar or other specific information of their existing accounts;
      • To present themselves as a particular public figure by using his/her name or photograph;
      • To use obscene or vulgar expressions, insults of a racial, sexual, ethnic or religious basis; appeals of racial discrimination, ethnic or religious intolerance; sexual discrimination or violence; offensive descriptions of physical, intellectual or moral qualities of particular individuals; spam; pornographic content or content violating copyrights of others;
      • To create any other form of content that could be considered unacceptable in terms of morality and decency.
    2. Prohibited practices

      • Creating of accounts whose only purpose is to support other accounts;
      • Making tips in “conspiracy” in order to manipulate our system’s statistics;
      • Any propagation of allegation or assumption of fixed sports events;
      • Malicious spreading of information aimed to mislead the rest of the users of our website;
      • Any form of activity designed to evade the fair play or manipulate our system’s statistics.

      In case of violating the Code of conduct the administration of the website reserves the right to take the following actions on the particular user: warning, deleting the content, restraining the access to some functions, blocking or removing the account.

  5. Anti-spam policy

    1. What is considered to be SPAM?

      Our system considers to be SPAM each commercial or advertising message sent by a user of the website to other users and which can be found:

      • As an information in the user’s profile different from the information describing the user’s services and activities;
      • As a published text in a tip’s review;
      • In messages sent through our internal communication system;
      • In any other, available on the website, forms of creating content.
    2. Verification and establishment of SPAM

      Our algorithms analyze the content generated by the users and, as far as possible, establish the possible presence of SPAM. Besides the automatic analysis, the SPAM can also be established through examining the user’s public content by the administration of the website.

      In case you notice a user content that you consider is SPAM or unacceptable for any other reason, you should contact our support team: support@allfortips.com  and the case will be reviewed.

    3. Possible actions when SPAM is established

      • The content, considered to be SPAM, shall be deleted automatically or by the administration of our website;
      • The user, spreading SPAM, shall be warned or directly restricted no to create any content;
      • In case of gross violations the account of the violator can be blocked indefinitely.
  6. Competitions

    1. We periodically organize competitions in cooperation with bookmakers or other sponsors. You can find information about all available and future events on our website allfortips.com. Even more, all the users will be informed via email, through our internal communication system or in some other way about upcoming competitions.
    2. Each competition has its own regulation that will be placed on our website. The regulation declares the terms of participation, the specific rules for acceptance of tips, the procedure of determining the winners, the prize fund and its distribution.
    3. The competitions are available to all registered on “Allfortips” users. It is possible, on the demand of our sponsors, to be introduced some additional qualification requirements to each particular event. For example: a minimum experience as user of the website, achievements by the moment, etc.
      It is possible that the regulation of a particular event imposes some conditions and restrictions that would be different from those valid in general. When the terms of a particular event differ from the general terms of the website, for the needs of the competition, its own terms shall be applicable.
      On our website may be announced and held more than one event at the same time. Our users can simultaneously participate in two or more competitions, unless it is settled otherwise.
    4. When participating in a competition and having the announced lines, the users will be indicated by our system to which competition their tip is applicable. It is not possible for one tip to be referred to more than one competition. All the tips, placed during the participation in events, are recorded in the user’s general history, as well.
      All tips which are part of an event will always be hidden for consideration by others until they are “pending”. The standings and all decided tips of a current competition shall be visible to all users.
    5. The prize fund of the events may be announced as a cash prize, a material reward or provision of a service.
      The cash prizes will be paid to the winners according to previously announced in the terms means. Usually a great number of payment methods will be listed and the amount may be converted in a chosen by the winner currency. It is possible, if previously announced in the event’s terms, the monetary award to be paid to the winner’s betting account at the sponsor’s website.
      The material rewards will be sent to the winners’ addresses.
      When the award is “provision of service”, the service is going to be provided by the supporting website, in the winner’s account.
      All the prizes will only be provided to the winning participant.
    6. If the winner is found to have used false data when registering on “Allfortips” it would be impossible to receive his reward. In such case, the sponsor of the event, at his judgment, will dispose with the non-served award in one of the following ways:
      • The award is headed towards the highest ranked non-rewarded participant;
      • The award is added to the prize fund of the next competition financed by the same sponsor.
      • The award is retained by the sponsor.
  7. Liability

    We do our best, but we cannot always secure a 100% actuality and accuracy of the information on our website. You agree and accept that all the materials on our website are “as are”. Under no circumstances and for no reason we could be held liable for any direct or indirect damages and benefits lost as a result of using information that is displayed on our website.

    On this site are placed links to websites of gambling operators and other companies. We are not a third party in your potential relationship with those companies. We could not assume any responsibility for eventual damages – direct or indirect – arising from your relationship with companies presented on our website.

    Placing bets and any other financial relations are conscious acts from your side. They engage you and the counterparty selected by you. When placing a bet you must observe the legislation of your jurisdiction. This responsibility is only yours. If you think you might have problems with gambling, you should be respectful to yourself and look for help. For more information you can read our article “Responsible gambling”.

  8. Changes

    We reserve the right to make changes of the current Terms and conditions at any time and we will promptly publish these changes on our website.
    Being acquainted with the latest Terms and conditions is obligation of the users.
    These Terms and conditions enter into force on September 1st, 2017.
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