Responsible gambling

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There are a great variety of gambling games which are accessible anywhere around the world thanks to their online versions. Some jurisdictions restrict the offering and use of gambling operators’ online services. In relation to that, local legislation imposes penalties both to the organizers and the participants in the games. But, as a whole, gambling around the world is easily accessible. It is necessary only to follow a few simple procedures. The formal requirements are that the player should be able to prove his age (in most countries the requirement is to be 18 years old), to be able to certify his location, as well as being able to certify that he is the owner of the payment instrument used. From then on, the player takes full responsibility for the consequences of participating in the games.

Everyone should bear in mind that while playing a gambling game, it is possible either to win a lot or lose a lot of money. The game should be a meaningful way of spending your spare time and bring you pleasure. In order to avoid any form of addiction, which would lead to negative consequences for you and the people around you, it is necessary that you observe some simple principles such as:

– Keep in mind that you are paying to entertain yourself and not making an investment from which you should expect dividends;

– Before you jump in a gambling game, you should be aware of what time you can devote to it and how much money you can afford to gamble in the process of the game;

– It is important that you have the ability to end the game when your cash balance is positive;

– Bet only as much money as you can afford to lose;

– If you have already lost the money you have allocated for gambling do not try to get it back by spending more;

– Maintain other interests and hobbies, do not allow gambling to rule your life;

– Do not think of gambling as a means of managing stress and boredom;

– If you decide to bet, do so responsibly!

Following these rules will allow you to enjoy the games you have selected. These games will have their place among your entertainments, but they will not dominate your life. Anyway, if you feel you are placing too great importance on gambling and that you cannot control your behavior, then you have to seek specialized assistance immediately. There are organizations established especially for the purpose of protecting people from addiction to gambling or rendering assistance if the addiction is already a fact. These organizations are anonymous. Their assistance is carried out online and is free of charge. If you think they could be useful for you, you can get acquainted with their activity by visiting their websites:

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