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ariticles-04If you came up with the idea to analyze the odds movement, this means you have already gained enough experience and can be defined as a qualified punter. You have reached the maturity to look at the bookmakers’ lines not only as some kind of a static fact, invented in an unknown way by the bookmaker. You can now perceive them as a living organism that interacts and exchanges information with the environment, an organism that is flexible and adapts to it. What information do the lines exchange, with whom exactly and how does it happen? How can we interpret their movements provoked by this exchange of information and finally – how can you get advantage of all of that?

There are no ready answers here, each match should be considered separately. Also, each punter draws his own conclusions based on his practical experience. Knowing how to analyze correctly the information from the soccer predictor, the odds movement and the other resources, will surely lead you to higher results in your practical betting and will rank you among the expert tipsters.

We strongly recommend you to always use the odds movement in combination with other informational sources – the soccer predictor, the statistical data displayed below the predictor, all kind of news related to the upcoming match and don’t forget the tips and analyzes of the tipsters that are authoritative for you.

Talking about the odds movement, we mean the change (difference) between the current odds and the odds in some earlier point of time.

What is the main difference between the soccer predictor and the odds movement?

ariticles-03The soccer predictor shows the probabilities (odds) for the outcome of the match based on the analysis of the information available at the time of the announcement of the event and when the first lines of the bookmakers are being displayed. On the other hand, the odds movement shows every change that has happened with the odds since that moment.

We need to clarify that the soccer predictor, as its names says, works only for soccer matches and the odds movement is applicable to all sports.

If you have some doubts on how the odds are being formed by the bookmakers and why do they change, you can find detailed explanation in the articles of our Betting school.

What periods of time can you use to track the odds movement?

ariticles-02On our main page: https://allfortips.com/ above the table with the upcoming events you can see next to the available sports a large lettering on a red background: “Odds movement period”. Next to it, you can find buttons clicking on which you can choose the desired period.

In the table with the upcoming matches you can track the change of the odds for each match and the selected time interval. The green and the red arrows next to each odds display the direction of the change and the number in the red button – the maximum deviation in the odds’ size for the selected period and outcome. Clicking on this button, a new page will open with a graphic presentation of the odds’ change for each outcome of the main markets for the selected match.

What conclusions can you draw analyzing the odds movement?

ariticles-05You have already selected the time interval you are interested in (on the main page). Now, find the matches with extreme values, e.g. those with highest deviation, also those with lowest one. This you can do sorting the matches by their value in the column “Movement” in the table with the upcoming events. Choose a match with impressively high percentage of deviation. Naturally, arise some questions:
  • When did this change occur – yesterday, today or in the last few hours?
  • How did it occur – through a gradual change in time or at some point the odds have changed drastically?
  • What happened? What are the reasons for this change of the odds?
Finding the correct answers to these question will considerably increase the success of your predictions.
ariticles-08You can see the movement of the odds in time, step by step, clicking on the number in red in the column “Movement”. The page “Odds movement over time” will open in a new tab of your browser. You can see there the graphics of the odds movement for the different betting options on the main markets of the match. Analyzing the graphics for various time periods, you will be able to localize the exact time and way of reaching the high percentage of deviation. If the steam/drift is sharp, for a short period of time (i.e. you see it as few steps in the graph) you can make the conclusion that at this point some information came in referring to a significant change in the condition of one of the teams. It could be about: an injury/illness of an important player; return after injury/illness of another player or any other change in the team’s composition that could lead to uneven strengths. Even more, changes related to a physical condition, psychological climate and relationships in the team could affect the assessment of the chances and respectively could lead to significant changes in the odds. How can you understand the exact case of the match you are interested in? It is really important here not to run across any rumors or inaccurate information. That is why we advise you to use only reliable sources as official websites, pages and groups in the social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) where you can find official statements of the club’s headquarters.

ariticles-09If the movement of the odds has happened gradually and for a longer period of time, this leads to the hypothesis that the reason could be the accumulation of considerable amounts of money bet on one of the betting options. This is a likely scenario for matches of the major leagues when there is a clear favorite/underdog that attracts the attention of the punters.

Also, the movements of the odds could be provoked by a combination of factors. Often, there is solid information regarding changes of sports or technical character about the match and also, significant cash flows bet on one outcome.

Once again, we want to point out that the combined use of different data resources that are available to you is a precondition for your correct orientation in the situation and will help you reach the right conclusions.
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