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How to use our soccer predictor?

On our main page you can see a list with the upcoming soccer games that you can make your predictions on. Next to each match you can find the button “Stats” along with the other options. Clicking on it, you will open a page with a rich statistical data for the specific match. For the matches of the major leagues, and for almost all the others, you can take advantage of our soccer predictor, as well.

What exactly does the soccer predictor do?

ariticles-01Having sufficient statistical data for both of the teams, the soccer predictor has its algorithms to calculate the percentage probabilities for the outcome of the main betting options. Practically, so do the bookmakers. They call this process “odds compiler” and the final results are the odds offered to the bettors. These odds are compiled by adding the bookmaker’s margin to the calculated theoretical probability for each outcome. Our predictor displays the so called “fair odds” for the 1X2 market. They equal the exact calculated probabilities without being decreased with the bookmaker’s margin.

If you want to learn how the bookmakers form their odds read our article: Formation of Odds and Bookmakers' Margins.

How to make use of the soccer predictor?

ariticles-07The procedures that the bookmakers use to calculate the probabilities, and respectively the odds, are different. Furthermore, they are different from the algorithm that calculates our “fair odds”. Having more practical experience, one can establish that some bookmakers regularly deviate from the average odds for certain betting options. Surely, you will find discrepancy between our predictor’s “fair odds” and the odds offered by the bookmakers. Focus on these exact deviations in the probabilities’ assessment. They may be due to different factors. For example, it could be the procedure used for their calculation. Also, it could be a change in the bookmaker’s odds after receiving additional information regarding certain match or in a result of increased cash flows, bet on certain outcomes.

To have a more detailed analysis of the reasons for these differences, you can take advantage of our other data sources (e.g. the odds movement for a certain time intervals). Also, seek the distinct trends of each team’s performance having the most important statistical data on your side (look down the same page of the soccer predictor).

The accumulation of empirical experience using the soccer predictor will allow you to assess correctly the situation when bookmaker’s odds defer from the “fair odds” and you will manage to practically take advantage of it.
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