Soccer live scores

Match status legend
Status Explanation Information
NS Not Started The initial status of a game.
LIVE Live The game is currently inplay.
HT Half-time The game currently is in half-time.
FT Full-time The game has ended after 90 minutes.
ET Extra-time The game currently is in extra time, can happen in knockout games.
PEN_LIVE Penalty Shootout ET status didn't get a winner, penalties are taken to determine the winner.
AET Finished after extra time The game has finished after 120 minutes.
BREAK Regular time finished Waiting for extra time or penalties to start.
FT_PEN Full-Time after penalties Finished after penalty shootout.
CANCL Cancelled The game has been cancelled.
POSTP PostPoned The game has been postponed.
INT Interrupted The game has been interrupted. Can be due to bad weather.
ABAN Abandoned The game has abandoned and will continue at a later time or day.
SUSP Suspended The game has suspended and will continue at a later time or day.
AWARDED Awarded Winner is beeing decided externally.
DELAYED Delayed The game is delayed so it wil start later.
TBA To Be Announced Fixture will be updated with exact time later.
WO Walkoverd Awarding of a victory to a contestant because there are no other contestants.
AU Awaiting Updates Can occur when there is a connectivity issue or something.
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